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Journey becoming a JSL, I have learnt a lot of things throughout my training. Not only that I’ve instilled various skills, but I also learnt the ways to effectively communicate and to live with people in a such a good manner. One thing only that I could say is, the trainings made us more mature and trained us to serve for the state, even for the country. As a JSL, I hope that I could become a useful and more perfect human for the state and country, which the state and country can depends on us itself. My interests are reading, writing and playing traditional musical instrument. With these interest, I felt that I’m more relax when I have burdens. I’m from SMK (P) Sultan Ibrahim, which people used to call it as SIGS. I went to girls school and I’m proud to say that there are a lot of JSLs was chosen from my school. The quote which has always inspire me is “ Everyone is born with their talents, Don’t look down yourselves. “.



I am Pua Xun from cohort 5. When I was in form 1, I always wonder, what does it take to become a leader where other people will trust, follow, and love you? My question was solved after I entered the big family of Johor Student Leaders Council (JSLC).

I was introduce to JSLC when I was in form 2. At that time, my brother also tried to qualified to become a JSL but did not make it. Then, when I was in form 4, the principal had announced on assembly that JSLC had already open for submission of resumes for the cohort 5 selection. I was very excited and I quickly submitted my resume and pray that I can be qualified for the first selection as I know that the competition was tough.

Weeks after I had submitted my resume, I finally received the official letter that I was qualified to the first selection, which is held at Kem Tasek Utara, Johor Bahru. I had really enjoyed that leadership camp very much as we get to know JSLC more, learn how to become a leader and how to cooperate with others. We had a lot of fun activities and it was a very unforgettable experience for everyone.

After the camp, we endured weeks of waiting as the trainers and senior JSLs evaluate the participants’ performances and see who can be qualified to the second selection. Actually, I really wanted to become a JSL so I was very eager to know the results and I checked to JPNJ web site almost every day.

Finally, after some pain staking wait, I was informed that I qualified for the second selection. But, what really caused me a headache is that I had to prepare a presentation which is more than 4 minutes and less than 5 minutes long. And the topic I received made my headache even worse. My topic was, “a leader must know, must know that he knows, and must be able to make it abundantly clear to those around him that he knows.” Just from understanding the quote by Clarence B. Randall made me feel hopeless. But my teachers were just my guardian angels. When I ask them about how to present this topic, they had give out their precise time and teached me everything. I was very grateful for their help and support. It was truly a deed which is unforgettable in my life. On the day of the interview, everything went smoothly for me. I was quite happy for my performance and i also made a lot of friends who had also qualified for the last selection.

Finally, on 12 of October 2014, I officially became a JSL. I was really happy at that time and I also hope to learn great things from JSLC. Me and the other qualified JSLs from cohort 5 had participated our first local training which is held at New York Hotel from 16th to 22nd of November. The training had just been so fun and we learn a lot of new knowledge, from how to become a great leader, how to be a better person, how to brand yourself, how to plan events, how to know yourself and last but not least, how to dance Zapin and make our own war cry. From the camp, I had learn a lot and also got to know more about the people that I will be working with, which are my fellow family members of JSLC cohort 5.

My aim for JSLC is to serve and to excel, and also make JSLC a successful organisation. I hope that JSLC will become a very influent organisation and will build more young leaders for the future of our beloved country.

Talk a bit about myself, I am a student studying in SMJK Seg Hwa, Segamat. I am a science class student and I had many great ambitions for my future. At first, I want to become a zoologist or ecologist as I love wildlife and the environment very much. But as I grew older, I found out that this jobs had very little opportunities here in Malaysia so I decided to change my ambition to become a Interior Designer as I also love drawing. Now, I am working very hard to achieved my dreams. Although I may not be fully assured that i will get the ideal course that I want, but I will just accept faith and do my best in everything.

A quote which really inspires me in my life is actually from my parent, which is “do your best in everything”. This really inspires me because I found out that people intended to hate the things which they do not like and do it badly. But for me, I always stick to this quote. I will try my best to accept everything which comes upon me and even that I hate it, I will still do my best to accomplish the task. I am not a great man. But I believe that the human mind can make even the hardest jobs become easy.

Be yourself and no one else, the future is waiting for you.


  ‘An achievement, an opportunity and an honour.’

That’s my best description of being chosen to be part of the Johor Student Leader’s Council (JSLC) for cohort 5. Hello everyone! I’m JSL Kenjin. First and foremost, thank you for taking a little time to read my testimonial. Sincere gratitudes too towards JSL Ayu Nerina Maisara from Cohort 3 for giving me this golden opportunity to be able to write a testimony.

Personally, JSLC itself has tremendously changed me physically, mentally and not to mention emotionally. JSLC played a prominent role in helping me improve myself in every aspect possible. In short, JSLC has made me a better person and hopefully one day would make me a better leader to serve for our beloved state and country. Being chosen by my school, SMK Tinggi Batu Pahat to attend a physical endurance camp as the first level of getting into this programme, I felt really humbled as previously I have heard of this very prestigious programme and i always aspired to be a part of it. Thankfully, after a series of physical training, I was shortlisted to the next level which included multiple interviews and a boardroom presentation. 50 of us managed to make it through to this level but only 20 would officially get chosen as a Johor Student Leader (aka JSL). Honestly speaking, I was not sure if I had the caliber of being in the JSLC. In fact, I was very doubtful of myself. But, after my support from my teacher Puan Nadiah Huzir, my parents and also my fellow schoolmates especially JSL Fareez who also made it to be a JSL, I picked up my courage to do my best. And fortunately, I was chosen to be part of this programme and I was even more contented to find out my friend, JSL Fareez was also chosen.

The main purpose of being in the JSLC is to serve and to provide for our beloved state and country. With ‘To serve and to excel’ being our JSLC motto. We aspire to be future leaders of this state which has so much potential to develope and one day be a pioneer and a powerhouse in its very nature. We also try to excel in our academics and also cocuricular activities in school. JSLC really push our abilities and talents to the fullest, leaving no ‘wastage’. JSLC has also been a very inspirational and motivational journey for each and every one of us. I can proudly say that I have no regrets being in the JSLC and it made me strive to be a better person and also a better leader.

Coming from SMK Tinggi Batu Pahat, a school which caters to all male students(excluding form 6 which accepts female students), prior to becoming a JSL I was a debater with my biggest achievement being crowned the Best Speaker in the National Cluster English Carnival. Moreover, I actively participate in competitions like ASEAN Quiz, Spell it Right and Mighty Minds. I am also holding key positions in school like the head librarian for students form 1 until form 5, secretary and vice president posts. However, I personally feel that JSLC has really a significant impact on my life compared to these activities. I feel really honoured to be part of the JSLC and I sincerely hope that being in this programme helps me give back to the society and to the citizens of Johor. I hope that the JSLC would become a pride of Johor and although already highly reputed, would one day be a driving force of Johor and Malaysia.

To those who intend becoming a part of the JSLC in the future, I wish you best of luck for the boundaries you’ll face. Remember, challenges break you to make you. And to future JSLs, I proudly welcome you to our family. This whole programme is like one big family which knows no racial nor religious bounds. We work together as a team, strive together as a team and serve together as a team.
With this, I end this testimony with a quote which I put together :

‘You can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. However, if you never let yourself shine, you will never know how bright you actually are’.

Thank you and have a great day.


‘If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail.’

On the way towards success, fear is something that we are always failed to conquer. I am not a public speaker or a president of any club. I don’t usually have the opportunity to stand in front of the crowd to speak. Sometimes, the fear blocks me to become a good leader. However, the only solution to overcome our fear is having a great plan.

I am Chong Ke Sin, as others called me Jsl Ewa from SMK Sri Mersing. I am proud to say that I am the first JSL in my school and basically, I know nothing about JSLC before I’m being chosen. On the first day of the physical endurance camp, I have already set my mind that I will not become a Jsl afterwards because it seems too far from me as every participants were smart and talented. As I was chosen for the interview session, I was shocked but indeed grateful that me, an ordinary girl had this golden opportunity to stand in front of panelists for my presentation. That was also the first time I have overcome my fear successfully. In the end, thank God that I am chosen to become the official JSL cohort 5 and join this big family to become a more knowledgeable and potential leader to serve for Johor.

As all of the 20 JSLs had gone through the one-week training programme held at New York Hotel Johor Bahru, I found that the training programme has effectively strengthened and enhanced our leadership, communication skills and public speaking skills. There are more and more opportunities are provided to improve ourselves. I can proudly say that it is my honor and pleasure to become a part of this wonderful big family.

I am here to thank everyone who has helped me during the previous training or interview, and someone who helps me in the time to come especially every JSLs of cohort 5 , senior JSLs and our trainers.

My aim for JSLC is cultivating more potential leaders for a better Johor or even Malaysia and become an inspiration for everyone to become a successful person in the future.

‘Never take things for granted’

This quote has always alerted myself that big achievement will not come to us automatically but we have to pay some efforts to make it real.

Thank You.


My name is Pauline Chong. I’m from SMK Infant Jesus Convent JB, an all-girls school which has a history of more than 80 years. I’m a member of the school choir as well as one of the Top 7 of the school prefectorial board. Like everyone in Cohort 5, I went through the physical endurance camp and boardroom interview in order to be selected into Johor Student Leaders Council (JSLC). However, before this two rounds of selection, I went to MYLead Camp one year ago which was held in Kolej Yayasan Saad, Melaka. It was a camp organised by JSLC Alumni which aims to produce quality young leaders.

Being selected into JSLC was like a dream come true for me. All JSLs in Cohort 5, whom I regard as brothers and sisters, are the best family that you can never find anywhere. Everyone had their own niche areas. We learn from each other and improve ourselves in the meantime. In JSLC, we had to go through trainings which enhances our leadership skills and made us a better person physically or mentally. We also learnt that humility is an important element on the journey towards success.

In JSLC, each and everyone of us was given the opportunity to showcase our own niche areas. No one was left out. I personally felt that that is what makes a strong and unbreakable team. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our seniors, trainers, friends, families and last but not least, fellow members of Cohort 5 for always being there for me. I shall end this testimony with a quote which has been my source of motivation;

“When you are able to conquer your fears, you can conquer anything”


Salam 1 Malaysia, my name is Nur Khaliesah Bt Arif. I’m from SMK MOHD KHALID Johor Bahru. First things first i would like to say my journey on becoming a JSLC isn’t that easy yet worth it. We have been test our knowledge, capability, effort, physical endurance, memories and experience particularly in many expects. Besides we also being trained on how to be a useful leader, how to communicate with people all over the world, creating more networks, thinking outside the box, how to deal with surrounding situation and so on. For instance we also been given the module from Harvard University by Puan Azlina who is a Harvard graduate. The program taught me a lot on being a better person in future and full with positive vibes. This training program for me where time is always well spent no matter what. It gives the best input in my life so far. The truth is, this JSLC program has taught me that staying true to myself is the best form or self appreciation and being proud of my identity whatever it may be is the most beautiful form of self acceptance. Where ever we go, where ever we are, where ever we come from just be a humble person and be your own self because shine yourself with your own identity it’s  more better. Next, there’s a thing i’ve learned during the program which is your life is your message to the world, so make it inspiring. Besides, i also learn that sometimes it takes a very big mistake i make in life to transform me into the best of people.

On being a leader it doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from. Leader can be anyone because leader wasn’t born but leader is created so everyone can work for it by not seeing their color bar. We have to think out of the box like how other brilliant people think in order to success and achieve goals. Success isn’t something that just happens yet success is learned, success is practiced and then it is shared. We as a JSLC also being trained to think fast forward to create the best future for the generation. My aim is to make the JSL brand trending worldwide not just by knowing their name but their effort and hardworking towards helping other people who in need. Me as one of the JSL hoping to be a true leader, planning to be a successful Johor future leader and working towards brighter future. Let us not be from those who say they appreciate the gifts of the Almighty upon them but continue in their bad ways and habits. The future depends on what we do in the present and also without struggle there is no progress so keep on going either in a linear way or pattern. It is all depends on how u control your life. One day i will make sure ‘JSL’ brand is not just a name yet an eye opener to the whole universe. We will work for it to serve and to excel.  Let us as a JSL be a role model to the youth and create more opportunity for them to be a successful leader in future. As a JSL we also welcome people on giving us the feedback either positive or negative so that we can see our blind spot.

Everyone has interests so do i. I love playing musical instruments for instance piano, drum and like to play golf as well. I active in almost every sports like netball, swimming and badminton. I’m a Johor golfer and i play for MSSJ and MSSM too. Talk about my profile, I’m currently studying in SMK MOHD KHALID, Johor Bahru. My position in school is as a director of MKSLC (Mohd Khalid Student Leader Council) we play a very important role in school as a young leader and student too as well. My ambition is to be a minister that serve the nation. If i had just one wish i would love to fulfill people’s dream moreover those who lives in poverty. As a minister in future i’ll make sure people around me will be the same rank as me and have abilities to work together towards vision and mission. No such thing as a color bar, racism or gap between rich and poor. Let us work harder in order to put our country on top of the world and well known. Everyone can be the best but not just by planning or talking but working! People nowadays tend to talk much rather than work. So let’s change our way of thinking towards 21st century. Be willing to feel the fear. Don’t expect everything to be simple. Sometimes you may go through really tough times, but it’s how u go through them together that matters.

“Journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step”

This quote inspires me and push me to who i am today. For me, it doesn’t matter how fast u go, the matter is how far u can go.

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