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Assalammualaikum and hi! My name is Nur Sarah Sufia. Simply known as Jsl Sarah and I’m from cohort 4. I’ve currently just graduated from highschool. I was from SMK Infant Jesus Convent Johor Bahru.

      It all began when I received a call from my teacher, Pn Geetha, last year at the end of November, telling me that I was selected by the school to participate in a camp. Of course my first reaction was what camp? And the only information she told me was it was a JSLC camp. Okay?!?! What’s JSLC by the way? Nah, I simply solved my question by Google-ing the JSLC official website. This was when I first got very interested in JSLC. WOW!!! How can I not know this in detail? Reading about the achievements accomplished by the other JSLs and the overseas trainings had sparked a firework in my heart. I was eager and encouraged to join and to be a part of this big family! I was scared though. All the other participants seemed to be very good and…… Different? I was scared that I’ll be lonely. But the ending was twisted as I can clearly remember how much I cried on the last day of the camp. I thank God, my teachers, JSLC advisors and the other teamers that I was elected as one of the JSL of cohort 4. Besides that, I was awarded ‘ The Best Female Camper’ during the camp. It may sound cliché and mundane to others but to me getting into JSLC is one of the best achievement I ever achieved. This year I’m proud to be one of the teamers for the selection camp of Cohort in Tasek Utara.

         I got my first training in the MyLead camp in Kolej Yayasan Saad. It was a 6 days camp in Melaka. Throughout the trainings I’ve learnt so much that can’t possibly be written out. I was introduced to the other JSLs and they are certainly awesome. I was mesmerized by the way they communicate, their facial expressions, their actions and how they were all full with confidence. The camp had taught me so much including how vital it is to stay humble at all times. And how fakeness can’t bring you any higher but instead originality and genuineness will carry you further. Further than you can ever imagine. I found that leadership is not all about authority; but INFLUENCE. And how do you gain influence? It is by the support of your followers 🙂 I’ll always remember what Madam Rosliza told us. It works like a pyramid. You can’t possibly be at the top without the support from the bottom. Without confidence, you’ll never know that you can turn and transform yourself from a simple plain jade to the brightest sparkling diamond. There is a vast difference between management and leadership. Management is regarding arranging and telling. But leadership is something that you; yourself must nurture and enhance. With the modules given, as far as I can see, I can say I’ve turned into a better leader. I walk with my head held high; not being snobbish but instead full with enthusiasm and confidence. I’m all ready to serve and to excel.

    As I was the Head Prefect of my school, how much I wanted my prefects to undergo the same training as I went through. But obviously not all of them could be in JSLC and so I suggested to the school to organize a leadership course organised by the prefectorial board by implementing almost the same module that I learnt in JSLC. It was a major success and I can’t show enough that JSLC indeed changed me to be a better leader. I love event management. I’m passionate about teaching as well. I bake and I love Mathematics. My ambition is to be one of Malaysia’s ambassador. And I really want to serve Johor one day!

      I obviously can’t be any grateful that I’m officially already a part of this big wonderful family. Through every trial, through every woe, in health, in sickness, in the midst of happiness, in the midst of sadness; I know that I’ve this ‘family’ that I can always rely on and continuously support me without fail. I hope that JSLC will continue to train and turn more students into wholesome and all rounder leaders that can serve Johor and carry the name of Malaysia internationally. I believe that JSLC will be able to go further and that the people of Malaysia are going to be proud of this organization.

     I guess I can’t write every single thing about JSLC here. It’s too awesome to be written. One can’t really feel the greatness until you’re one of this family. This valuable experience and knowledge are things that I’ll treasure and cherish forever. So that’s all about me. Do email me if you’re eager to know more about JLSC.

     I shall end my testimonial with a quote that always inspires me 🙂

  ‘ You don’t have to be at the centre to attract people’s attention; instead you’ll be the centre of attraction once people are attracted to you. So be genuine and humble at all times and spread the love’

Lots of love!

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