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Cohort 3


Let me begin with Bismillah,my journey of becoming a part of JSLs was not as easy as ABC because we need to go through all the activities during MYLeadCamp at Kolej Yayasan Saad, Melaka.Even though it was just a week,but all the activities planned by the Alumni of JSLs had totally changed our perception about the degree of life.We were exposed on how to organised an event,to overcome the unexpected things,to have a good bond between us and other positive values.The most exciting activity for me was on how to determine our personality with the trainers from Alpine Leadership School,Australia.We got to know each other from that activity and build a good bond because most of us have the same interest.With this oppurtunity,I would like to say thank you especially to Madam Rosliza,Madam Fadzleen,Madam Biha,Miss Rabiah and also to all Alumni of JSLs by putting trust on me to be here as one of the JSL. I am always looking forward for our next event because I cannot wait for the excitement.

Actually,there are a lot of things that I learnt throughout my training.One the things is we should be a good follower before being a leader.I believe that everyone is a leader but sometimes we lack of experience in a way to be a good leader.For me,experience is the master of everything because it will makes more matured and think twice before making any decision.Moreover,we were trained on how to think faster whenever we faced a problem and it involves our thinking skills as well.We were taught on how to organise an event by choosing the comittee members and also arranged the financial by preparing the sponsorship letter.We were having fine dining and learnt on how to use the tools appropriately.

My aim as a part of JSL is that,I want to introduce this programme to other states because I want to recruit them one fine day and make Malaysia proud by having us as a youth that can think and act like an adult because we have the Alumni that organised a lot of events especially international conference and went to Model United Nation.I want all of us known as extraordinary youths because of our credibililty and be presentable all the time.My hopes as a JSL is that be a succesful leader one fine day because I want all of us change our opinion towards women because people tend to look down on us due to fragile look.I believe that the world is free from any negative sight if we love each other a human being.

My interest is on academic and sports.I used to debate during secondary school and that interest is still going on when i was in college.It gives me a lot of satisfaction especially when we win the competition.We can build a good cooperation or teamwork among us.We can generate ideas faster in a way to rebate the opponent.I also love to play badminton and used to represent my class during foundation to enter the competition organised by UITM.Besides,I love to do charity programme because I want to be in their shoes n feel the moment when we in the midst of hardship.

Even though I am a Johorean,but I keep moving because of my father’s occupation that worked as a chef.So,for the rest of my life,I had a lot of schools from north to south.When I was in standard 1 until 3,SK Bandar Seri Alam was my first school while SK Padang Matsirat, Langkawi was my second school until I finished my UPSR.Then,I continued my study in SMK Tunku Putra when I was form 1 until 2.However,when I was 15,we moved to SMK Pantai Sepang Putra because my father got an offer to work in Gold Coast, Sepang until I finished my PMR. My father decided to move again to SIGS when I achieved result with flying colours.I stayed in SIGS until I graduated.In the middle of the year 2014,I got an offer to further my study in UITM Shah Alam by doing foundation in law.Then I realised that my journey had just begun.

I want to be a lecturer since I was 10 years old because I love teaching the teenagers instead of kids.Since I am studying law,so many people think that I will turn up to be a lawyer.But i choose not to be a lawyer because of several reasons.But,I know that Allah is a good planner. Whatever it is,I accept my fate and destiny because He knows me better.It is not I am looking down on lawyer profession,but I know my capability and incapability.I am very comfortable choosing lecturer as my noble career in future.

My quote that always inspire my life is,

‘Stop comparing yourself to others because everyone has their own speciality as a human being’

Do not put your happiness in other people’s hand because when they are gone,you will lose everything.So, you need to struggle to make your dream comes true. You need to be persevere to go through all the difficulties because we will know our true friend at the end of the day.



Mark Twain once said that “ The secret of getting ahead is getting started” and due to that quote, I believe that everyone can achieve their dreams with enough efforts, hope and confidence. Assalamualaikum and hello everyone. My name is Nur Amirah binti Salehuddin and I am eighteen. I was in an all girls school since primary. I am a former student of Sultan Ibrahim Girls Schools for my primary and later studying in Sekolah Tun Fatimah until Form 5. I manage to get straight A’s in my SPM and was offered MARA scholarship and now studying in University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus in Semenyih, taking Foundation in Science leading to Master of Pharmacy.

My journey of becoming a JSL started when I was chosen by my school to join MYLead Camp , held in Kolej Yayasan Saad, Malacca in December 2013. The activities were planned by the Alumni of JSLs which were also our facilitators during the one -week camp. One of the most interesting parts during this camp is that we had the chance to be trained by the trainers from Alpine Leadership School, Australia. I learned many new things which had totally broaden up my view towards leadership. There were many interesting modules that had been carried out in order for us to understand more about leadership. Apart from that, I had the chance to work as a team when we had a task to organize a dinner involving VIPs and alhamdulillah, the dinner was a huge a success.

Well, for me, my interest is towards singing. I sing since I was in primary school and have been performing on stage since then. One of my biggest achievements during my childhood is to receive an award from the former Great Minister of Johor for my singing. Apart from that, I was also a debater and a public speaker in Bahasa Melayu for both my primary and secondary schools and I manage to participate the national level competition.

My ambition when I was a kid is to be an oncologist but as for now, I am furthering in pharmacy and I have the interest to be a pharmacist after I graduate.

I hope that everything in my life would turn out to be well and even if it is not something that I want, I believe that is the best for me. Always be positive even when life gets harder. If you fall at one point, just get up because

The secret of getting ahead is getting started”.

Thank you.


An unexpected journey.

What else can be said about my journey becoming a JSL? What began as just a mere leadership camp, turned out to be an opportunity of a lifetime. Looking for experience, I managed to gain so much more. I gained friends, comrades, I managed to boost my confidence, but most important of all, I found a family.

Throughout my training, I learned leadership qualities, teamwork, confidence, professionalism, a sense of respect, and camaraderie. In a sense, JSLC training brought out the best in me. Potentials I never knew existed. As a JSL, my hopes is that JSLC could grow and bloom into an internationally acclaimed group. The leading voice in the face of student leadership, so to speak, and I standing shoulder to shoulder, through every step.

I cannot say that JSLC affected my interests in any way. Those interests, are what makes me, well who I am today. Whether it be reading novels, playing video games, or even reading comics and mangas, these interests define who I am. A unique image of who I am. Keeping things simple is what I enjoy. The simplest man usually find the most efficient way to solve problems, or so I’ve been told.

Currently taking an architectural course in Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Shah Alam, what I learned in JSLC training have helped me tremendously, especially in terms of confidence and public speaking, adaptability and even professionalism.

When I graduate, I am hoping to continue my studies and be an architect. Not just any architect, mind you, but an acclaimed architect, bearing the title, Ar. With that, I can help further develop the state of Johore, the country, and ultimately, the world.

As to what, or who, inspired me, throughout the thick and thins of life, I would say my parents gave me the most support and inspirations. Besides them, I would say Rick Riordan’s works, Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus, thought me a few things about life, and sacrifice.


“You must forge your own path for it to mean anything”


A path that is simply given to us, means nothing, but a path forge by our own blood, sweat and tears, now that, that means something. Why follow, when you can lead?


“Evil is easy to fight. Lack of wisdom… that is very hard indeed.”


The most dangerous flaws, are those that are good in moderation. Never sacrifice a thousand lives, to save one. Moderation is the key.


“Not all powers are spectacular. Sometimes the hardest power to master is the power of yielding”


There are times we have to step down. Never let hubris cloud our judgement.


“ Braccas meas vescimini!”

           -Percy Jackson-


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