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Cohort 1


It is an inevitable truth that JSLC has definitely played an indispensable role in my life not just in terms of leadership but also groomed me in the aspect of personal and professional development.

First and foremost, I am very honoured and privileged to be part of JSLC and on top of that I am also thankful because I had managed to serve as the Secretary for the major events organised which were the Charity Dinner and the Student Leaders’ Conference. I feel ‘professionalism’ is the best word to describe how JSLC has actually groomed me into a better person today. I still remember the day where I had actually learnt proper and professional ways to send emails especially when dealing with superiors and officials. Honestly, I have been still using the same sentence until today even in my university when sending mails to professors and lecturers which goes like this. “I hope this mail finds you well. Kindly find the documents attached in this mail as per request.” This might actually be something petty and be easily learned somewhere else but for me, I am truly grateful for getting a fantastic guide such as Madam Rosliza who had actually taught this to me because sending a mail is definitely a part and parcel of everyone’s life today and definitely leaders are in the list too.

During the tenure as a secretary in JSLC, I was not able to contribute as much as possible but I tried my level best when it came to letters. JSLC has been a great platform for me to learn on how to write official letters without beating around the bush at the same time sending across the message in a polite and courteous manner to the higher officials most of the time. During that time, I was actually responsible of sending invitations to many VIPs for the JISLC and I think I could not have gained better experience anywhere else. The conference and charity dinner have been the stepping stone for me to deal and communicate with officials in a professional way because I had to always remember that I am not just carrying the responsibility of a JSL (then) but also carrying the dignity of the whole JSLC in everything I do. Apart from that, I would definitely say that I am very honoured because I was given the opportunity to write a press release for the conference and that was definitely a new experience for me. I think that was one of the most incredible experiences so far because I wonder if I would ever get to write a press release again in the near future. While writing the press release, the experience has actually taught me on how a 16/17 year old leader(s) actually sends the message across to the public in a simple and easily understandable way but at the same time describing the whole event to attract the community’s attention towards it. I would definitely thank Madam Rosliza for guiding me while writing those letters and also in coming up with a good press release at the end.

I still remember telling this during the last meeting. “I think I was one of the last to come out of my shell and I am glad I have actually come out of my shell after joining JSLC”. This is because I actually take time to adapt and communicate with new people. This is one of the greatest positive changes that have been very useful for me until today. Today, I can boldly break the barrier and come out of my comfort zone in all the events that I am part of and the reason behind it is because of the experiences that JSLC has taught me. I have learnt on how to communicate with people from all backgrounds especially superiors and today it is very easy for me to communicate with professors and department heads because of the courage and professionalism that JSLC has taught me.

After JSLC, I had been in the committees of various events and in each and every event, I am able to apply what JSLC has taught me. Organising a community based event such as the JSLC Charity Dinner was a great exposure and learning platform for me because I had managed to integrate the concepts and leadership skills in the “Larian Autism” event which was graced my our First Lady, Datin Rosmah Mansor. I think JSLC has groomed me into a better leader because now I am able to think of alternatives and always have a back-up plan if the main idea does not work. Now, I am able come up with new ideas and be innovative in every event that I organize. Now, I am always clear about what I want and the steps to be taken in future to prevent similar mistakes.

Recently, I was selected to be the Assisant Leader for my batch in UKM for the previous semester 3. This was definitely a great experience for me because being in that committee was definitely challenging because we faced many difficulties during this semester. Bearing in mind that I was also responsible of taking care of the entire batch’s welfare, I had managed to assist the leader and support my peers because JSLC has groomed me into a leader who does not just speakand lead but also voice out when necessary and bring about positive changes to those around me. I think JSLC was and would always be the best training ground for me and that was where knew what true leadership means. JSLC had actually brought a myriad of positive changes in me and I definitely thank Madam Rosliza, Madam Fadzleen and all the officials who actually believed in me and selected me to serve in JSLC. The guidance and learning experience that they have provided is just very great and I am always privileged to be in the great team. After the tenure as a JSL, I had not managed to contribute much due to busy schedule as a medical student but I hope to help as much as possible because I am definitely not who I am today without JSLC.

My name is Mohammad Ridzuan Bin Zainal Abiden. I live in a typical 1Malaysia neighbourhood in Skudai, Johor Bahru, Johor. I came from a family with a decent living. I have a younger sister named Nurfatin Rafiqah Binti Zainal Abiden who is now in Standard 4 in Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Skudai. I live with my loving parents, En Zainal Abiden Ahmad and Pn Zalinah Jinal. What is so special about my family anyway? To make it simple, we don’t live a high status living, still all my needs and desire can be fulfilled by my parents. Furthermore, the four of us always have a family-time at the weekends and during holidays. That really strenghtens the family bond between us four.Well, let us now move on to my school life, I am now schooling in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Skudai(SMKS). Compared to other schools in Johor Bahru such as SIGS, SSI or even EC, SMKS can be considered as an underdog. Still, SMKS is now moving forward at very fast pace eversince its great breakthrough in PMR 2009 after 77 students passed the examinations with straight A’s in hand. That is why I love my school so much.
     Now let us jump on into my likes and my dislikes. I love all sorts of outdoor activities from a simple jogging at the park to a rough jungle trekking. In addition, I also love dancing and playing badminton. Those two are the two most often things I do in my life. I find that by dancing and playing badminton, it develops my agility and reaction time as we need to move at a very fast speed doing these two activities. Okay at the other end of the table, I hate writing journals. Yeah I really do. But I really think that I should start liking this one, as I am now a JSL which is really essential for me to have all my daily routines written down.
     As far as I know myself, I am a happy-go-lucky kind of person. I can also get along with many kind of people in a very short time which I think is a good thing considering I am a JSL and I need to have this feature of friendliness when meeting with people from an ordinary student to a very successful corporate figure. On the other hand, I found that I do not like to think deeply on something in particular. For instance, I never get interested in conducting experiments at my school. This is also something I need to work on.
      Well I think that is the farmost I can say about myself. Before I wrap this up, I would like to share what have I been holding on to as a motto of mine,
“Success will never fall from the sky, but it needs to be dug out from the deepest trench in the world”.
That drives me through all these years of living my life as a student. Thank you.


I’m not a man of many words so I’ll try and make this short yet meaningful.  I go by many names, such as Fadhil, supervisor and to those who know me at my school, Awesome but the name I was truly born with on the 26th of August 1994 is Ahmad Fadhil Bin Abdul Majid. I’m blessed to be born with a silver spoon in my mouth. My father is a successful land surveyor who runs his own company and my mother helps him manage it. I have four siblings to which I am the fourth.

In school, I am a class monitor and candidate prefect. Not to brag but leadership runs through my blood. I’ve always taken any chance I can to lead others, let it be as a monitor, chairperson, prefect and even once as a librarian. So when the opportunity arises for me to have a chance to fight for a place as the top 20 student leaders in Johor, I didn’t even need to think twice.

I look at myself as an ordinary person, but given many chances to be extraordinary. Thanks to everyone who has supported me, I get this chance to prove myself as a Johor Student Leader. Even by the sound of it makes me feel proud of myself, but in a good way. The only thing I ca say now is that I will try my hardest to be the best that I can be so that I will not let anyone, hence the motto, try hard, then you harder. If you’re still not succeeding, then you’re not trying hard enough.


Wise people always say – Don’t judge a book by its cover . That is a statement which I simply must agree with . Looks can be deceiving , but on the other hand we can identify people’s personality from their appearance . I may look small and naive , but honestly I consider myself as a fighter . I have a backbone stronger than all of yours put together , its just that I feel as if its unnecessary to show it off . It takes a while to know me but once I am comfortable with you , you can actually see the real me . New people might say that I am very difficult , not to mention confusing . I blame my fickle-minded brain for that .

Most people would say that I am unreliable because of my very laidback attitude , but they’re wrong . I am very reliable , especially in what I enjoy doing . I’ll keep my nose to grindstone until I am satisfied with it . You can tell that I enjoy being with people . They just  bring out the liveliness in me . I am loud , I am serious , I am weird , I am everything I am according to my mood

You might say that I am not worthy of getting this JSLC position , being the treasurer of SIGS’ SLB and all the other positions/achievements I’ve got but just give me time . I’ll do my best to prove you wrong .


They say that no man is an island; hence whenever you see a crowd of people laughing out loud in the cafeteria, you will definitely find me amongst them. Indeed, it is pretty obvious that I am a people’s person.

 My name is Tan Chien Yin, currently studying in SMK IJ Convent. In school, I hold the post of vice captain of softball team, vice treasurer of sport house, publicity and funding director of drama club and a school’s prefect. Born as a little girl, now I have grown up, even though I am not so tall. Well known as a shy and timid girl then, but now I am more confident to take up challenges in life.

I believe the golden opportunity of me being selected as part of Johor Student Leader Council is a golden opportunity for me to broaden my horizons. To be able to serve my state is indeed an honour which I hope I could live up to the expectations. Most importantly, I wish my experiences working with student leaders from all over the world in Camp Adventure, Germany will be nourished into many more learning opportunities. Last but not least, I really look forward to bring positive changes and lead my fellow Johor students to greater heights.

If you walk down the street and saw this, kind of tall, Chinese looking girl with a pair of dimples and a mole on the left eye brow, that’s me. My name is Qistina Mohamad Helmi, I was born on the 17th of February 1994, which was also my sister’s birthday. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a twin sister; in fact the age gap between me and my sister is 15 years apart. I don’t quite look like  a Malay because I am mixed Chinese, my grandparents on my mothers’ side are Chinese, my grandfather converted to Islam and my grandmother was adopted by a Malay family since she was young. So my mother is practically a Chinese! Even though we don’t speak Mandarin at home, and act like typical Malays, I am happy to say that I am mixed. So now that we are clear about my roots, I would like to tell you a little bit more about me. I am a girl who prefers talking over writing but at the same time likes listening better than talking. I am not good at sports at all. Not that I have not tried, I did, but I will end up either getting my knees twisted or feeling frustrated for being rejected because I was not good enough. I am not the type of person who gives up easily and like to challenge myself of trying something new. I am so honoured and advantaged to be chosen as one of the JSL. I really have faith, that all twenty of us can carry out our responsibilities that has been mandated upon us.

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