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Johor Youth Leadership Programme is back in 2016. The first Jlead which kicked off in 2015 and carved amazing reviews from participants, teachers and parents, will return in August for a 3 days 2 night programme. This time around, JLead will be held at Savannah Hill Resort, Sg. Tiram. This programme, which serves students aged 13-18, will operate from August 12th to 14th! Registration is via your respective schools or whatsapp/email us as stated above.
Participants will be trained by the Alumni of Johor Student Leaders Council and we have a special slot from Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA). The JSLCA has improved the training modules which include more leadership aspects such as communication skills, negotiation skills, presentation skills, discipline, creativity and many more!
Fee is RM 180 per head but.. no worries!
The first 50 early birds will enjoy a cheaper fee of RM150!
Log on to
For further enquiries,
You could contact the JSLCA as mentioned above through email or whatsapp
JLEAD IS ONLY 58 days away
What is there to wait?

Video presentation on JSLC (2012)

MYLead Camp 2013

JSLC cohort 5 Physical endurance camp

Date : 8th of August until 10th of August 2014.
Venue: Kem Tasek Utara, Pusat Kokurikulum Johor.
Details: This was the first level of selection for JSLC cohort 5. During this camp, every particapant was tested of their physical capabilities to make sure everyone for in a good physical state to be a JSL. However, this camp also tested our mental state of mind. 50 participants were shortlisted to the next level under the observation of the JSLC alumni.

JSLC 2nd Selection Boardroom Presentation and interview
Date: 1st and 2nd October  2014
Venue : Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Johor (JPNJ)
Details : 50 participants aspiring to be JSLs  participated in this boardroom presentation and interview. A topic was given to them 2 weeks prior to this presentation. Upon completing their boardroom presentation, an impromptu topic which consisted of a one-word topic  was put forth to these participants. After lunch and a short break, a group interview was conducted. Throughout these activities, a board of panelists were present to judge participants based on their ability to think, socialize and present. 20 were then shortlisted to be a JSL.

JSLC briefing with parents.
Date: 13th of November 2014
Venue: Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Johor (JPNJ)
Details: A briefing was conducted for each and every JSL together with their parents and teachers to enlighten everyone of them regarding this programme. During the briefing, Cik Norbiha and Madame Nor Fadzleen, those in charge of this particular programme, gave a detailed explaination regarding the JSLC. A few concerns and questions were raised by parents and the JSLs themselves and were answered with satisfaction.

JSLC interstate training
Date: 16th to 21st of November 2014
Venue: New York Hotel, Johor Bahru.
Details: The JSLs had a very enjoyable training at this hotel. Many important training sessions were conducted to polish the JSLs in every aspect possible. From media management to social skills, the JSLs learnt a lot. A few talks were also conducted and the JSLs asked many questions regarding ways to improve themselves and the state. These speakers included high ranking Iskandar Regional Developement  Authority officers, a Harvard Graduate who is also a lecturer, Politicians and others. On the other hand, The JSLs also had a cultural appreciation session. Zapin was taught to every JSL regardless of race and religion as an important component of being a Johorean, born and bred. Overall, this acitivity benefited the JSLs tremendously.

JSLC Young diplomats Programme.
Date: 15th to 20th of December 2014
Venue : Wisma Putra, IDFR   Putrajaya.
Details : to be updated.

ISKANDAR Charity Run (JSLs act as secretariats)
Date: 20th of December 2014
Venue : Danga Bay, Johor Bahru
Details: To be upated.

JSLC International training camp.
Date  :17th to 30th January 2015.
Venue: English Village, seoul, Korea.
Details: To be updated.

JSLC community project
Date : Febuary 2015
Venue: To be updated
Details: To be updated.

JSL International Conference (JISLC) 2015
Date: April 2015
Venue: To be announced
Details: To be updated.

International Conference programme
Date : 2015
Venue: Singapore.
Details: To be announced.

Model United Nations
Date : 2015/2016
Venue: London, United Kingdom.
Details: to be announced

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