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Johor Student Leaders Council (JSLC) was first established as an elite group of student leaders in Johor comprising of some of Johor’s exceptional young talents in schools. This visionary move was initiated by Johor Education Department (JPN Johor) and Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA), Johor. The establishment of JSLC was not only to hone leadership skills amongst Johor top students but to also mobilize the ‘Internationalization of Schools Programme’. The ‘Internationalization of Schools Programme’ was tagged ‘A Programme for the Students and by the Students’ to signify the empowerment of students to plan, organize and mobilize a huge programme that bear significance in producing competitive human capital that are able to strive and compete at any international platforms. The strong collaboration between Johor Education Department, IRDA and Economic Planning Unit (EPU) Johor has enabled the JSLC members to receive invaluable youth leadership trainings both locally and internationally. Since its inception in 2010, JSLC has successfully trained 40 of the best student leaders in the state of Johor. With all 40 having completed their secondary school education and are now pursuing tertiary education, an alumni was set up to ensure the continuity of the legacy of developing and moulding exceptional youth leaders amongst the young Johorians. In January 2013, JSLCAlumni was set up to serve this very purpose.

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  1. Nurzulaikha binti Jamaludin says:

    Can I know how to join JSLC?

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