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Seoul‐Johor International Student Leader Camp


SeoulJohor International Student Leader Camp

Venue: Seoul, South Korea

Date: 15th – 30th January 2015

15th January 2015

10 of the JSLC Cohort 5 have been selected by the Johor Student Leaders’ advisor to attend the Seoul‐Johor International Leadership Camp in Seoul, South Korea had arrived before 10.00am at the Education Department of Johor. We had a short briefing session by JSL Amira from Cohort 2 about the camp we are going to go through based on her and her friends’ experience. At 12.00pm, the session was continued by Madam Nor Fadzleen, she brief us more on the camp that we were about to go such as our menu as we Muslims can only eat halal foods. We were also told that Tuan Haji Narawi was going to join us for this event. At approximately 4.00pm, we were greet by Tuan Haji Narawi and did an icebreaking session so we could get to know each other better. We left JPNJ at 5.30pm and had a 6 hours journey from JPNJ to KLIA2.

‐ Icebreaking Session with Tuan Narawi

‐ Group photo at KLIA2 after checking‐in

16thJanuary 2015

We departed from KLIA2 at 8.00pm and arrived around 4.00pm South Korea time. We met with Mr Dave and Mr Luke at the Incheon Airport who was our coordinator for this event. We went straight to Seoul English Village (SEV) by bus. As we arrived we were given the SEV passport and keys to our rooms. After delivering our luggage to our respective rooms, we were briefed on activities that we were about to attend here in English Village by Mr Dave. Through this, we were able to understand more about the things we were supposed to know and some information regarding the Seoul English Village.

‐ Group photo in the bus, on the way to Seoul English Village

17thJanuary 2015

The day started with an awesome breakfast served by the cafeteria here at Seoul English Village. Then Mr Dave briefed us with the programs that we will conduct throughout the day. We were told that throughout the day, we were going to be an assistant teacher and each one of us had a different schedule as we were assign to our respective mentors. At 9.00 am, all us went to our classes just as what was stated in our schedule. SEV (Seoul English Village) student came from several of ages starting from 7 to 18 years old student and they were divided into averagely groups of 20 students. There were two types of classes here in SEV which are Situation class and ESL (English as Second Language). Situation classes is where the students

have to role‐play in the class according to the type of class they are having and each class was design according to the topic of the class, while ESL classes were more to textbook oriented studies where they will learn grammatical

structures and vocabulary. A few of us were given a chance to teach students in ESL classes but majority was place in situation classes. Here in SEV,

students were given 15 minutes break after each class and all class will end at 5.00pm. At 7.00pm, all of us gather in the Dart Classroom for our night session, where we were ask to write a daily blog on how the day has gone by. Everyone went to bed at 9.00pm as it was a tiring day.

‐ Briefing by Mr Dave

18th January 2015

The day started with a Leadership Workshop by a professor named Kevin from Seoul University. He taught us the difference between Leaders and Manager. He also taught us on different perspective can create a better solution. His sessions were a very interactive session where we did a lot of activity together. We even did a presentation and he gave feedbacks to help us improve our communication skills and soft skills. At 5.00p.m, it started to snow. For most of us, it was our first time experiencing snow in real life. At night, we continued our blogging session and had a short practice for our Zapin performance for the following day.

‐ Workshop with Professor Kevin on Leadership Skills

‐ Group photo during snow

19th January 2015

We started off our day with a special performance for all the students and teachers of Seoul English Village. We dance our traditional Johor Dancewhich is called Zapin in our traditional costume. It was a wonderful experience sharing our culture to all the students there and some of them even compliment us. After that, all of us went to our classes and the class start as usual. At 7.00 pm, we continued our leadership workshop with Professor Kevin and our session was about trust. Each and every one of us was chosen a partner. We were then blindfolded and were brought all around the SEV village by our partner with just a thin string and instructions.

‐ JSLs performing Zapin in front of all the student in the auditorium

‐ Group photo after our Zapin performance.

‐ Workshop on trust with Professor Kevin

20th January 2015

We did another performance which was our Cohort’s warcry and the song is shake it off by Taylor Swift. Due to shortage of time, we didn’t manage to invite all the students to dance with us. On this day, Tuan Haji Narawi went back to Malaysia and he left a video message for us. After dancing, we went into class and start off the lessons. At 4.00p.m, a group of high school

student graduated even though it’s just their third day here in SEV. They told us that they were going to New Zealand for 1 month. We manage to promote our conference to them. At night we did our normal routine, which was doing daily bloggings and presentation. At the same the same time, a group of students were having their talent show in the auditorium. The students were very talented. For the performance, some of the students sang and a few of them dance to K-Pop songs.

‐ Students singing during their talent show

21st January 2015

It’s already our fifth day in SEV. We only taught the students for half a day and the other half, we started doing our project which video making. This task was given to us by our coordinator, Mr Dave. The theme of the video that we were to make is anything regarding SEV. We were divided into two separated Teams of 5. Jsl Ewa, Jsl Fareez, Jsl Iera, Jsl Wathiqah and Jsl Pua were in Team Daebak, whilst Jsl Haziq, Jsl Chao, Jsl Lisa, Jsl Priyanka and Jsl Amin were in Team The Amazing Dave. We discussed on what type of video to film, the storyboard of the video and interviewed some teachers. At night, we did our presentation and went to bed afterwards

‐ Behind the scene of video making

22nd January 2015

On this day, most of our students graduated from Seoul English Village. In the morning, we had SEV memories class with the students where they have to make a poster of their memory in SEV and do a photo frame. After that, all the students went for their last class in SEV and it was finally graduation for them. Some of them even cried during the graduation ceremony. At night, we did our blog and ended our day

23rd January 2015

There weren’t many students left in the SEV so we only had a few classes in the morning. After lunch we continued doing our video making and interview a few students and started to compile everything into a video. We added a few touch in it to make more interesting. At night, Mr Dave briefed us on what we will be having tomorrow as we are going out of the village.

24th January 2015

We had our normal breakfast in the morning. Then we departed to NamsangolHanok Village located in Namsan. All 10 of us were given around 2 hours there to see the village and take a few photos. There we get to see the traditional houses of the royal family and also the commoner family. After the visit to the village, we went straight to Myeondong, Seoul’s main shopping and tourism district. We were given about 4 hours and 30 minutes to do our shopping. We also had our lunch there. At exactly 4:45 p.m, everyone gathered in front of the Nanta theatre. The Nanta show started at 5:00 p.m , so we had to be there early. The Nanta show ended at 7:00 p.m . After that, we had our dinner at Potala , a halal restaurant that serves Indian and Nepal cuisine. Then, we went straight to Seoul English Village. There was no blogging session for that day.

‐ Group photo at NamsangolHanok Village

‐ The busy streets of Myeongdong shopping district

‐ Group photo with the Nanta actors

25th January 2015.

The day started with some simple briefing from Mr Dave. Then we went to Gyeongbokgung palace, the starting point of our scavenger hunt. On Friday 23rd of January, Mr Dave gave us the overall briefing about the scavenger hunt. We were divided into two teams, Team The Amazing Dave and Team Daebak. Each team consist of 5 Johor Student Leaders. Each team must visit 9 stations and take a group picture at the respective stations. So each team started their journey at Gyeonbokgung palace. Team Daebak move towards the east side while Team The Amazing Dave moves towards the opposite side. Up next after Gyeongbokgung Palace wasInsadongstreet which is famous for its totem sign which is an inverted ‘yy’ sign and the honey skein which traditional Korean taffy made from honey and flour. Next was the Insadong

Starbuck which is the first Starbucks in Korea and also the only Starbucks that its sign is written in Korean alphabet. We had our quick lunch in Jongnostreet and continued our hunt to the Chunggyecheon stream located in the city. Chunggyecheon stream is a man‐made stream. It was the previous mayor of Seoul project to make this stream as a tourist attraction spot. We took a few photos and went on to the Spring Spiral monument which looks like a shell. Then we went ahead to the statue of Yi SooShin and the statue of KingSejong. Lee Soon Shin was an admirable general as he was the one who lead the victory charge against the Japanese navy by creating a turtle warship. King Sejong is the most famous king throughout Korea as he was the

one that created Hangul (Korean Alphabet) that is being used until today. We reached Gyeongbokgung palace at exactly 1:00 p.m . Then all 10 of us rode a bus to the National Museum of Korea which is the sixth largest museum in the world. There we had an educational tour about the history of Korea. After the tour ended, we were given about two hour of free time to look around and buy some souvenirs at the souvenirs shop located inside the museum. After that we went straight to Seoul English Village to continue our blog session time.

‐ Group photo at our scavenger hunt starting point (Gyeongbok Palace)

26th January 2015

We started our photography workshop from 9am until 2.30pm conducted by Jade, one of the SEV teachers from Canada and Mr Dave. They showed us some examples of good and bad photographs to let us know about photography more. 10 of us were also asked to take some photos and edit it using ‘Picasa’. At night, we had the last leadership workshop with Professor

Kevin. He used toothpaste to let us know that when we did something very wrongly, it might never go back like before but the only thing we can do is to accept it and never make the same mistakes again. All the JSLs had learnt a lot through his lessons.

‐ Photography workshop with Jade

27th January 2015

In the morning, we had the group video session for about two hours. After the lunch, we went to the cooking class to make the Korea cuisine‐kimbab and kimchi which was conducted by Shine Teacher and a worker at the cafeteria. They taught us very patiently and we all had successfully done our own tasty kimbab and kimchi. We shared to all the other teachers in the office as well.

‐ Behind the scene of making kimchi

‐ Our creations. Kimbap and kimchi

28th January 2015

For the whole morning, we had learnt about Hangul as the beginners from Susan Teacher. She taught us Hangul from the very beginning such as the ways to read Hangul. She also helped us to spell our name in Hangul and all the JSLs were very proactive during this session. We had also asked her about some words that we wanted to learn and the words we were confused

with. In the evening, we were asked to teach the ESL classes for the last time and we did enjoy the last moment to spend with the Korean students.

‐ Sunny teacher teaching us Basic Korean words and Korean alphabets

29thJanuary 2015

We started our day with KPOP dancing class conducted by Sunny Teacher. Some SEV teachers also joined us during this class. As all of us did not usually dance, so we were quite shy at first. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the class and danced confidently after teaching by Sunny Teacher. She said all the JSLs are fast learners as we just used up one hour more to learn to dance for the

whole song. After that, it was the time to learn Korea traditional paper craft. It was a really awesome experience for JSLs to know the culture of Korea in such a special way. We used some special papers to make the clothes of a Korea doll. We enjoyed the class very much.

‐ The traditional dolls made by a few JSLs

30th January 2015

It was the last day for us to be in Korea. At noon, 10 JSLs, Madam Fadzleen, Cik Rabiah and all the teachers in SEV gathered at the theatre in SEV to watch the videos that two groups of JSLs had paid a lot of efforts in it. Before that, JSLs had performed Zapin and war cry in front of the teachers. We had group photos session with all of them after having a great time watching the videos. After the farewell, we took the bus to Incheon Airport in the afternoon. We took off at 4p.m. and reached KLIA 2 safely. Parents of 5 of the JSLs fetched them at the airport while the rest had just took the bus to go back to Johor Bahru.

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